Social Access

QP links creators with followers who are delighted to pay for a closer, more authentic connection. We call this social access, because it’s an opportunity for fans to join the’ extended social circle of their favorite big thinkers, influencers, and experts.

QP creators continue to operate and thrive on their existing social platforms, and encourage followers to join QP channels for an additional, more authentic and meaningful, experience. QP doesn’t censor posts, modify timelines, or exploit creators’ creativity because, unlike Big Social, we don’t sell ads. At QP, it’s just creators, followers, and the unique experience they build together.

At QP, you are the algorithm, and you’re in control. You and only you control who sees your content. QP is the fast and easy way to take back control of your content and connect with those who truly value who you are.

Meet The Team

Led by serial entrepreneur, and coder extraordinaire, Alex Clark, QP proudly claims both Canada and USA as our home. We are an eclectic group, spanning ages, origins, and interests, but we all agree: the web is more interesting when people can be social again.

Alex Clark

Stephen Hayes-McCoy
VP of Engineering

Kevin Chiang
Head of Business Development

Chris Shaw
Head of Product

Michelle Li
Sr Director of Finance

Vi Mai
People and Culture Coordinator