We're changing the social media game.

QP is a messenger-first social media platform designed to empower everyone to chat with friends, share content and monetize talents. Download QP on the App Store and on Google Play.

Top features

QP is built to help you create easily, connect authentically and monetize directly with your audience. Here are a few of the unique features QP offers users.


Access a better messenger, user privacy and edit/delete your content without the receiver knowing that you did.


Start creating content and subscribing to channels. Easily collab with other creators to build awesome content together.


Get paid for what your expertise, creativity and influence is actually worth through seamless tipping & donation features.

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    Keep Your Messages Private
    Access QP’s premium messenger with end-to-end encryption which keeps your messages always secure. Plus, we never track your content or sell your data to third parties.
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    Create Multiple Profiles
    With QP you can create lots of personal profiles and brand yourself uniquely to different audience types.
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    Slip into Stealth Mode
    When in stealth mode, no one will see you typing. You’ve got all the time in the world to draft that perfect response.
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    Connect with a Code
    Collaborate and chat with others using a unique code rather than sharing your phone number.
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    YOU are the Algorithm
    QP never messes with the algorithm that controls where your content appears in the feed. We never manipulate your posts or interrupt your timeline which means your creativity will reach users in real-time.
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    Secure Your Audience & Brand
    QP offers creators a safe space where you’ll never lose your followers and you’ll protect the brand that you’ve hustled to build.

Your social. Your way.

Are you looking for a better way to connect with your inner and outer circles and turn your talent into income? Get started on QP now! Set up your personal profiles, invite your contacts, begin messaging and start creating in a more private and secure way. Let's get it started.

QP is a messenger-first social media platform designed to empower creators-of-all-kinds to engage, interact & monetize their content. Download QP on the App Store and on Google Play.

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