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QP is a messenger-first social media platform designed to help creators of all kinds engage, interact, immerse & monetize. Download QP on the Apple Store and reserve your username.

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Social media is broken. So we fixed it! QP is built to help you create easily, connect authentically and monetize directly. Here are a few of the unique features QP offers users.

QP Messenger is the first premium messaging app for content creators to authentically engage with audiences to monetize their brands

Communicate smarter with our premium messaging features such as edit/delete, scheduled delivery, smart search and calendar integration.

QP Messenger

Effortlessly switch and manage multiple profiles to curate customized profiles with different audience groups.

QP Messenger is the first premium messaging app for content creators to authentically engage with audiences to monetize their brands

Maximize the latest and greatest AI-powered and data-driven technologies to offer exclusive, subscription-based content via QP’s channels.

Get to know your audience with automation, audience insights and analytics.

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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact Support for help with everything from downloading the app, inviting new contacts or to setting up your subscriptions.

QP is the world’s first messaging and monetization app. QP’s foundation is built on ensuring optimal privacy and security for all users. You get to decide what you want to share and with who.

With QP, you control who sees personally identifying information like your email, phone number and IP address. Your personal data is always private and all messages include end-to-end encryption for your privacy. 

Profiles provide you with the ability to create separate personas so you can have one for your work life and your personal life. Profiles are created within the “Me” tab when you tap on the profile icon.  

You don’t need to hand off control of your content/message to the person you’re sharing it with. With QP you can “delete” or “edit” messages after you’ve sent them. As the publisher, you’re in control at all stages of communication. 

QP currently runs on iOS and will be available on Android in the near future. A web browser version of QP is also in development. 

QP Messenger is free for everyone to download and use right now. 

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